The big bad god, th secrets of the bible, by Patricia Lasserre

The big bad god, the secrets of the Bible

A historical investigation independent of any religious and political opinion

This book is not yet another speculative work on the subject. Through this documented investigation, the author lifts the veil on the true genesis of monotheism thanks to unpublished cross-checks revealing for the first time the identity of Moses as well as that of his brother and his father, supporting archaeological evidence. It sheds light on the artifices employed by the authors of the Old and New Testaments to hide uncomfortable truths from their eyes or to veil certain secrets. The literary process used by the editors of the Torah is identified and authenticated for the first time. It paradoxically reveals what they were trying to hide, particularly in terms of their ethnic origins.
As for the pregnancy of Mary, young single, it is plausible but it takes on a completely different explanation, proven by ancient texts by an author recognized but never used to date. The translation error of the Septuagint does not explain everything. The mysteries surrounding the life of Jesus and his family find a new explanation revealed for the first time, does not detract from their greatness.
All your questions will find a verifiacation without making you lose faith.

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Patricia Lasserre
The big bad God
What is the part of myth and reality in the Bible ? Where does the belief in one God come from ? When and by what means did it spread ? Is Israel really the cradle of monotheism ? What are the ethnic origins of the Hebrew people ? Who is really Moses ?
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Why this title ?

The Big Bad God is a title likely to surprise. It’s an ironic nod to the children’s story. Yahweh an Arab god in origin is implicitly compared to the big bad wolf. Indeed, in Antiquity, God and superstitions were used to frighten the faithful in order to better control them. Adored in northern Arabia long before the existence of the people of Israel, is he therefore a borrowed god as most eminent specialists think? How to explain the bipolarity of this God by turns ruthless and compassionate with all humanity?

The cover

The cover depicts Yahweh’s first manifestation to Moses on Mount Horeb. It is the episode of the burning bush which is not consumed (Exodus 3, 1-7). The incandescent shrub represents this God. Needless to say, the story is purely symbolic. Like the miracle of the Red Sea and other events.

The contents

What is the proportion of myth and reality in the Bible? Did the emblematic characters all exist ? What real objective did the authors of the Torah pursue ?

The documented investigation aims to be independent of any religious opinion. She reveals for the first time the identity of Moses as well as that of his brother and his father thanks to an artefact that has gone unnoticed. The artifices used by the authors of the Old and New Testament to hide certain inconvenient truths from their eyes or to veil secrets are revealed. Like the literary process used by the editors of the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible) identified and authenticated by the author. Many other facts are cleared up.

Marie young single pregnant is not a miraculous fact. A completely different explanation is confirmed by very old texts by recognized historians. The Septuagint translation error not explaining everything. As for the blasphemies of Christ, they result from a misunderstanding that he had no right to remove.

Patricia Lasserre doctor of philosophy, answers all your questions and even more without making you lose faith. Thus extending the research of Freud, who lacked certain archaeological data and other specialists. Such as the biblical scholar Thomas Römer professor at the College de France or the philosopher Marcel Gauchet. Contrary to popular belief, the character of Abraham was created for a very specific purpose unrelated to ecumenism. All the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly.

How did she do it ? Thanks to thorough investigations and his insight. She managed to understand the deep intention of the writers of the Bible aiming among other things to hide their origins and other secret facts. Thus mysteries that we thought had been definitively elucidated or on the contrary unfathomable are finally brought to light.

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The big bad god
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